Dusky is a new companion for IWD:EE (the mod won't work on any other version of the game). Just as in Baldur's Gate, he will join you once he's found and offered a place in the player's group. You may join him quite soon as he's standing near the entrance to the cave near Easthaven.

Dusky is a male half-orcish cleric/thief of chaotic neutral alignment and may be romanced by any male character of Charisma 11 or greater. The mod was written as an addition to Kulyok's IWD NPCs, which also offer joinable NPCs with and without romances. Since the mod did not provide male/male romantic relationships, I've decided to write yet another mod to fill that space in the game.

Dusky should fit good, neutral, and evil-themed teams. He will stay until the very end. The mod includes friendship talks, romance talks, a few interjections, and two banters with each Kulyok's characters (all approved by Kulyok).

The progression of talks is slightly different than in BG2: most talks will appear while visiting new places and following the main quest.

Note that the mod includes mature content, which some may consider explicit.


Unpack the archive to your main IWD: EE folder and run Setup-Dusky.exe. Then follow on-screen instructions. The mod should be compatible with all WeiDU mods. If you're going to play the mod with Kulyok's IWD NPCs, then install this mod _after_ you install Kulyok's mod so the crossmod content install question will be displayed.