The mod adds a new set of quests, all oriented around the Temple of Evening Glory, known also as the Deathless Beauty and the Eternal Lover. She is a goddess of love, beauty, and immortality through undeath. The temple itself welcomes the undead, especially those that feel beauty and passion do not have to end with death.

The mod also adds a new companion, Xzelë Melaenitt, the paladin of Evening Glory, a woman of power, who wants to protect her friends, who in her opinion - even though touched by undeath - carry much beauty that cannot be dimmed by the lack of a pulse. However, to make her join, she will first need to know her friends are safe and nothing bad is going to happen to them while she's helping you.

She has a series of talks, her own kit and abilities... and under the right circumstances, she may feel a connection to a male Child of Bhaal. The conditions, though, demand a certain change.

This mod is part of a new series - The Dreadful Tales - that introduces mods that revolve around horror, death, dread, and even Ravenloft, the Domains of Dread.


As with any other WeiDU mod: unzip the archive into your Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition directory and run Setup-InLoveUndeath.exe. Note that this mod requires an up-to-date EE version of the game. To ensure the mod works fine, it is best to start a new game.