The mod introduces many shamanic improvements to BG Series. After playing Siege of Dragonspear I had a feeling that shamans in BG1 and BG2 would use some nice additions. Keep in mind that the mod was created with BG2 in mind, so if you try to install the mod on BG1, you will only see the component with the new shamanic kit. In mod you can find:

=> the brand new shaman kits: Witchlight Shaman, Town Medium
=> Shaman's Stronghold along with optional change of shaman's class description (to erase "no stronghold" line)
=> Brand new NPC - Will, the undead witchlight shaman (may be joined on the Shaman's stronghold area, which is available for every CHARNAME)
=> A mini-quest to restore a certain area's power (first Stronghold quest which is available to every PC)
=> Optional new items for shamans and exclusive items for undead NPCs (like Will, Hexxat or Ina, the IWDEE mod companion)
=> Optional new enemy types: driders, treants, will-o'wisps (you may now encounter just few of these)

Note about BGEE and IWDEE content:

As mentioned above, this mod adds more content for BG2EE than it does for BGEE or IWDEE, yet you may still want to install this mod on these games: especially if you're interested in the new kits or new shamanic items. Note that to keep balance, in IWDEE you may still find some of the new items, but not all of them. That's mostly for the sake of the game balance/story. Furthermore, it's worth noting that the Town Medium kit (by morpheus562 and myself) was created with IWDEE NPC in mind (Bethany IWDEE NPC), but worry not - if you install this mod before Bethany, the other mod will detect it, just as Will of the Wisp mod can also detect Bethany and the kit were already installed. The kit won't be installed twice.


Install like any other WeiDU mod, by unzipping the mod in your BG2EE game directory and running Setup-willowisp.exe on Windows or equivalent on other platforms.
You must have an EE version of the game updated to v2.0 or higher. The mod should be compatible with any other WeiDU mod.
This mod also can be installed with (after) the Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET), before EET_End.