You’re looking for new items? Some new spells? Some tweaks to enhance your game? Check our tweaks, items and other minor mods.

Items, Tweak, Spells


FindIt-IWD 995.08 KB 760 downloads

FindIt-IWD is an item pack for Icewind Dale EE. After playing IWD for yet another...

ForgeIt-IWD 1.07 MB 518 downloads

ForgeIt-IWD adds a set of 8 new powerful artifacts to your Icewind Dale EE game....

Skie: The Cost of One Girl's Soul 19.01 MB 6020 downloads

As Will of the Wisps, this mod may be hard to classify because it has more than just...

Viconia Revamped 4.08 MB 31838 downloads

The mod allows players to tweak Viconia. The mod is divided into seperate components,...

Weasels! 996.64 KB 1590 downloads

The Infinity Engine games always needed more weasels, right? That's why I've decided...

Will of the Wisps 48.11 MB 4151 downloads

The mod introduces many shamanic improvements to BG Series. It may be difficult to...