Would you like to have a non-human ally, but you don't want a god-like NPC? Do you want to know more about the mysterious and exotic race known as the illithid? Will you risk placing your trust in a creature that is a monster only concerned with gathering knowledge? If you are willing to take this risk - let Varshoon join your party. Both of you can learn something more about the race of the other. Well, I should tell you what to do to have this mysterious ally join you; basically, you will need a decent amount of intellect. And what if you don't have it? Well, you'll have to find that out for yourself. I won't spoil that kind of surprise...

This mod adds to the game a new and unique NPC - Varshoon the Illithid. He has his own kit of Psionic Enforcer. Varshoon is a mental warrior. He joins with his own special equipment that cannot be replaced with any other items.

Varshoon will converse with you many times during the game. There are timed talks, area/item triggered talks and more! Together, they create a new "Respect Path" for this NPC. There are also banters and group banters (with 2 other NPC's instead of 1) with all Bioware NPC's. This mod also modifies the normal quest area of the Illithid Tunnels in the Underdark.

The mod includes a new and much better paperdoll made by myself and Erephine.
The content covers both SoA and ToB.


This mod should be installed just like all other WeiDU mods. Unzip the mod to the Main Directory of Baldur's Gate 2 (EE). Then, run the Setup-Varshoon.exe file. After doing this, you will be asked about the installation of the mod. This mod has additional content in the G3 Crossmod Banter Pack.