Want to have a non-human ally, but still don't want a god-like NPC? Want to know more about the mysterious and exotic race known as the illithid? Will you risk placing your trust into a creature who is a monster only concerned with gathering knowledge? If you are willing to take this risk - join Varshoon. Each of you can learn something more about the race of the other. Well, I should tell you what to do to have this mysterious ally join you; basically, you will need a decent amount of intellect. And what if you don't? Well, you'll have to find that out for yourself. I won't reveal that kind of surprise... This mod adds to the game a new and unique NPC - Varshoon the Illithid. He has his own kit of Psionic Forcer. Varshoon is a mental warrior. He joins with his own special equipment and it cannot be replaced with any other items.