The mod adds a new companion, Bethany Vivielle Helena Corthala, a town medium (shaman kit) who always wanted to be a hat-maker. However, she has an ability to see the dead and it's really hard to be a fashion expert, attend to all these social events, and show everyone how great you can be when you are haunted by the dead. So, she could use a little distraction and... fame, because it can be quite useful for someone who wants to open her own business when it's all over.

Bethany can join the party right after you start a new game, and she can be found in Easthaven. She comes with a friendship, some items, interjections and a mini-quest later in the game.


As any other Infinity Engine mod - unpack the mod in the game's main directory and run WeiDU installer (Setup-Bethany.exe). Then, follow the instructions that will be displayed in WeiDU window. The mod comes with a new kit. It is also included in Will of the Wisp mod (since v3.0), but if you want to use both these mods, the kit will only be installed once, no worries.