Kuldahar has its past and future. It also has its people. This mod's aim is to introduce the stories that are bound with this town and those that live in it. The Rediscovery of Kuldahar adds new quests, encounters and shops. These are filled not only with new characters, but new areas that present new parts of the town.


This mod reworks Kuldahar and overrides the original area, thus this mod should never be used with any other mod that does the same thing. That rule, however, does not apply to mods that expand original scripts. You can still use it with mods that add new scripts that create NPCs. It's compatible with:
a) quests mods like: Below & Below Inn, Night of the Blinking Eye, Tale of Our Lady Dreamless or Terror of the Skineater...
b) NPCs like: Dendjelion, Dusky, Ina, Oak-Maw, Orra, Tipps, T'viy, Urchin, Minerva, Karihi...
c) Item packs like: FindIt, ForgeIt, Weasels!
d) Other mods that update existing files rather than override them.


As with every other WeiDU mod - unzip the archive into your IWD EE directory and run the setup executable. Once WeiDU window launches, follow the on-screen instructions.
Remember to use this mod with the latest stable version of the game. To make the mod work properly, start a new game - the save update is included, but it will work only for those that have not yet left the first town of the game and is just there for the situation when you just created a character and realized this mod, for some reason, needs to be (re)installed. If you already left Easthaven, you should start a new game.