The mod adds a brand new and unusual companion for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition - Urchin. He is an unusual creature, creation of a Night Hag. He comes with his custom kit - Hag's Varmint. Its mechanic is similar to Wilson, the bear paragon from Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition. He won't be able to use most of items, but instead will get stronger and much more powerful with each level. That should also become a chance to play Icewind Dale a bit differently. Some will consider Urchin strange, others will think he's got some bizarre charm.

To join Urchin you must find a new location: a Night Glade. Need a hint? Search the areas somehow connected to the mill near Kuldahar. The mod also includes a really tiny new shop with few new peculiarities.


As any other Infinity Engine mod - unpack the mod in game's main directory and run WeiDU installer (Setup-Urchin.exe). Then, follow instruction that will be displayed in WeiDU window. To enjoy the mod even more, remember to install IWD Crossmod Pack. Urchin also includes a one additional talk if you have LavaIt-IWD mod installed, but you do not need it to enjoy the mod.