The mod adds a brand new companion to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. Her name is Ina. A bard and a former teacher. But there is something else that you should know about her: she is a spectre. An image of her long gone self. Will you free her from her slumber in the Vale of Shadows. Will you let her join your team and once again walk among the living?

The mod includes talks with the PC, as well as a romance for female PC. Because of her state, the relationship will differ to those between the two living.

Ina may be recruited after the main quest in the Vale of Shadows.


As any other Infinity Engine mod - upack the mod in game's main directory and run WeiDU installer (Setup-Ina.exe). Then, follow instruction that will be displayed in WeiDU window. To enjoy the mod even more, remember to install IWD Crossmod Pack.