Bridge's Block is a small quest mod from the Athkatlan Grounds quest mod series, which adds new areas and quests to Shadow of Amn's main city location. This project adds two interior areas inside the great wall that's part of the Bridge District. From now on, you may enter that massive block and see what's inside. There you'll be able to meet new characters and see what they're up to. You'll also be able to take a new job - an investigation, as the Block's caretaker believes she saw a strange monster roaming the halls. Is that true, or was it only a figment of her imagination?

The mod adds 4 new quests, 2 new medium-sized areas, and a few new items and spells.


As with any other WeiDU mod: unzip the archive into your Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition directory and run Setup-BridgesBlock.exe. Note that this mod requires an up-to-date EE version of the game. The mod also work with the non-EE version of the game.

GAMES: BG2EE, POSSIBLY EET (needs testing)