Meet Lhannd Valdove, a chaotic good fallen ranger. He hails from a once-noble Athkatlan family who lost their legacy and drowned in problems. Will you lend a hand in breaking what others perceive as a curse, or will the chain of unfortunate events continue?

The mod comprises quests that expand Athkatla's Government District, including the addition of the Valdove Estate, situated above the local prison. If you are open to offering Lhannd a sympathetic ear, you may embark on a friendship or romance path that will help you get to know him even better, and... perhaps see his other side. Both men and women may romance him, however, the player character can't be of chaotic evil alignment for the romance to start.

To find Lhannd, venture into the Crooked Crane tavern located at the City Gates. The initial encounter serves as the starting point for his first quest.


As with any other WeiDU mod: unzip the archive into your Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition directory and run Setup-Lhannd.exe. Note that this mod requires an up-to-date EE version of the game.

The mod comes with two soundsets. The default one is Ozan's, but you may also try a different style soundset by ZaramMaldovar. To access it, navigate to the "audio-alt" directory within the mod folder. If you decide to switch to the alternative soundset, rename the "audio" directory to "audio-main" and then rename the "audio-alt" directory to "audio". Once you've completed these steps, proceed with the mod installation.