The mod adds a new companion to BG2EE: Fyalvara, a human warrioress from the distant land of Rashemen. Upon install, she can be a kitless fighter, a wizard slayer, or a totemic druid / fighter dual-class (may only level up as a fighter).

Fyalvara can be found in the docks district.

"When asked about her past, FYALVARA tells you she came to Athkatla from Rashemen, a land located in the Unapproachable East region of northeast Faerun. The land is known for their strong berserkers and wise Wychlaran. She, however, never wished to walk the path of magic. If she has to fight, she would rather use her own muscles. She is as strong as many young berserkers, even though she's not of young age herself."


As with any other WeiDU mod: unzip the archive into your Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition directory and run Setup-fyalvara.exe. Note that this mod requires an up-to-date EE version of the game.