The mod makes Eldoth and Skie available the moment you leave Candlekeep. It moves Eldoth to the Friendly Arm Inn and expands his plan to kidnap / free Skie Silvershield. Follow his plan, and you will be able to get an alternative for Imoen and Safana sooner than in the original game. To make this happen, Eldoth's quest had to be expanded, but it's easy enough to make a low-level party handle everything without any problems.

To keep the balance, Eldoth and Skie both start at level 1, however, to sweeten your game spiced with Eldoth's vile plans and Skie's bitter whining, she received a personal armor, which makes it possible for her to help the team a bit more.


As with any other WeiDU mod - unpack the zip to your BGEE directory, run the Setup-TheVanishingOfSkieSilvershield.exe and then follow the instruction that will appear in the WeiDU window.

If you are going to play this mod on EET, install it after EET rather than on BG1EE before EET.


The mod was created mostly for personal use, thus I generally made sure it worked well with the mods in my run at the time. I wasn't using BG1 NPC Project back then, and while the mods should work together, the dialogues for Eldoth and Skie in BG1 NPC Project were written by other author(s), so character interpretation and style may be different. Still, nothing controversial is included in the Vanishing.

I would also advise not to install any other component that changes Eldoth's starting location (like the one in the Tweaks Anthology). Such components may cause problems, as The Vanishing also changes this part of the game.

That mod does not need Siege of Dragonspear to work properly.

To make level adjustment work as intended, it is required to start a new game.