Tangled Oak Isle

Once an independent village located on an Isle, the Tangled Oak Isle became the part of Athkatla. As the city grew bigger and bigger, it swallowed the isle, which now can be accessed not only by boats, but also by a bridge. While Isle is by law part of the City of Coin, it kept Read More

Ooze’s Lounge

The mod introduces a brand new part of Athkatlan sewers – The Ooze’s Lounge. You may now use the originally inactive grate in Slums to enter a locked part of the sewers and discover its dark corners. The mod offers three new areas as well as a couple of mini-quests, new items and graphics. Gather Read More

Southern Edge

Southern Edge is a new district for our favorite BG2 city – Athkatla – available from the very beginning of the game – it becomes available once you talk to Gaelan and hear his offer. The mod is to make the first hours of the game more interesting, as some player might have got bored Read More