"When asked about her past, PETSY CHATTERTONE is more than willing to talk. Usually, it’s not even about herself: the weather, food, how her hair frizzes in humidity... She talks so much that it's difficult to know what she’s actually talking about. Still, you do gather that she has parents and a brother in her hometown, Gullykin, although she has neglected to tell you why she left there at all. She traveled the Sword Coast and in Amn, her final destination. Her presence in the city isn't a coincidence and you can only presume that it has something to do with the journal she carries with her. It seems more precious to her than any treasure.

So far as you can tell, she is well-intentioned, even if a little chatter-prone. Her fighting skills are adequate enough, but she’s sure to know a trick or two to help you on your journey."

Petsy Chattertone is a romanceable halfling bard. She's young, playful, talkative, and silly. She's not very strong, but hopefully, she'll be able to make you smile.
Mod includes both SoA and ToB content, though the ToB content isn't very extensive at this point. Still, yes - you will be able to talk to her in both SoA and ToB. In her SoA portion, every player will experience some talks and a quest. Male gnomes, dwarves, and halflings can romance her. Those are the only requirements.

You can find her in the Sea's Bounty tavern.


As every WeiDU mod. Unpack the zip, paste the content to you main BG2 folder. Use Setup-Petsy.exe and follow the instrucions in WeiDU window.