The Bloodied Stings of Barovia

THE DREADFUL TALES: THE BLOODIED STINGS OF BAROVIA INTRODUCTION: The Bloodied Stings of Barovia is a new dark adventure for Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition. It takes the Child of Bhaal and their party to Barovia, part of the realm of Ravenloft. In this ominous land, the player will face new enemies and formidable creatures, Read More

Juniper and the Stone Leech

THE DREADFUL TALES: JUNIPER AND THE STONE LEECH INTRODUCTION: Juniper and the Stone Leech is a new mod that introduces a new Throne of Bhaal adventure along with a new companion that will ask you to join her in the investigation of the otherworldly realm of Har’Akir, part of Ravenloft. Help Juniper and travel with Read More

In Love, Undeath

THE DREADFUL TALES: IN LOVE, UNDEATH INTRODUCTION: The mod adds a new set of quests, all oriented around the Temple of Evening Glory, known also as the Deathless Beauty and the Eternal Lover. She is a goddess of love, beauty, and immortality through undeath. The temple itself welcomes the undead, especially those that feel beauty Read More