ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: This is my small crap mod I wrote in 2008. It adds 8 new items to BG2. Gods, first Lollorian found out about it, then Jarl… stop translating it, please. Let it die. Those are just 8 stupid items, really. However, I appreciate those 2 guys decided to translate it, thanks, but Read More

Tsuki BG2

ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: Tsuki is crafty. Tsuki shouldn’t be trusted. He’s like a weasel which is trying to get the prey. Hiding in her pit, waiting for bird to leave the nest. He always want to be on the winning side…that’s why he entrusted Mistress Bodhi… Tsuki is a chaotic mage/thief with some tricks in Read More

Swylif Thicc

ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: Swylif Thicc is a svirfneblin sorcerer, who resides in Saradush. He’s a mercenary, so to make him join you must… pay him! He may be considered a bit…insolent and mad. Caution: this mod does not include lettuce, since Swylif hates lettuce. …well, this mod isn’t really serious. It was made in a Read More


ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: Meet Aeon – an impulsive and young abjurer/thief – and along with him find out why a certain human can wield a Moonblade. Mod includes brand new relationship path for male PC – brotherhood.