Alabaster Sands

ATHKATLAN GROUNDS: ALABASTER SANDS INTRODUCTION: Alabaster Sands is a small quest mod from the Athkatlan Grounds quest mod series, which adds new areas and quests to Shadow of Amn’s main city location. There is one main quest, and a few smaller ones, all oriented around the titular area, which is nothing else but Athkatla’s public Read More

Bridge’s Block

ATHKATLAN GROUNDS: BRIDGE’S BLOCK INTRODUCTION: Bridge’s Block is a small quest mod from the Athkatlan Grounds quest mod series, which adds new areas and quests to Shadow of Amn’s main city location. This project adds two interior areas inside the great wall that’s part of the Bridge District. From now on, you may enter that Read More

Tangled Oak Isle

ATHKATLAN GROUNDS: THE TANGLED OAK ISLE INTRODUCTION: Once an independent village located on an Isle, the Tangled Oak Isle became the part of Athkatla. As the city grew bigger and bigger, it swallowed the isle, which now can be accessed not only by boats but also by a bridge. While Isle is by law part Read More

Viconia Revamped

VICONIA REVAMPED INTRODUCTION: The mod allows players to tweak Viconia. The mod is divided into seperate components, each providing a change that may affect your experience with the character. COMPONENTS: a) Change Viconia’s Class: With this component you may change Viconia’s class from cleric to one of the following: – Dual-classed options: cleric/thief, cleric/assassin, cleric/shadowdancer Read More


Gahesh NPC mod introduces a new joinable NPC – a half-orc sorcerer of lawful good alignment. Gahesh is an outcast; a bastard sired by a human male. Nowhere could he find peace, but on the blue waters of Faerun. But even that appeared to be not enough… As mod previously started after reaching Brynnlaw, the Read More

Quayle BG2

QUAYLE BG2(EE) INTRODUCTION: This mod introduces Quayle from BG1 as a party joinable NPC. But the condition is … Aerie’s death. A mini quest (including a small new area) is provided, where you decide who you prefer to travel with. The mod includes time-triggered and scenery talks for both SoA and ToB, banters, interjections, and Read More


VARSHOON: THE ILLITHID NPC INTRODUCTION: Would you like to have a non-human ally, but you don’t want a god-like NPC? Do you want to know more about the mysterious and exotic race known as the illithid? Will you risk placing your trust in a creature that is a monster only concerned with gathering knowledge? If Read More

Yoshimo Romance

YOSHIMO ROMANCE INTRODUCTION: Yoshimo Romance is a mod for BG2: SoA & ToB that makes Yoshimo, an infamous bounty hunter from original BG2(EE) game, romanceable. Already curious, my friend? Are you already pondering what this mod includes? What kind of ToB content? Ah, that’s excellent. Your curiosity is already a kind of payback. Mod includes Read More


PETSY CHATTERTONE INTRODUCTION: “When asked about her past, PETSY CHATTERTONE is more than willing to talk. Usually, it’s not even about herself: the weather, food, how her hair frizzes in humidity… She talks so much that it’s difficult to know what she’s actually talking about. Still, you do gather that she has parents and a Read More

Eilistraee’s Song

EILISTRAEE’S SONG INTRODUCTION: Eilistraee’s Song is a mod that expands the plot of Eilistraee – a deity of the drow who rebelled against Lolth the Spider Queen. Eilistraee is actually mentioned in the original BG2:SoA by Solaufein after we decide to let him go, but the players were never allowed to learn the full tale. Read More

Foundling: Between the Shades

COLOURS OF INIFNITY: FOUNDLING INTRODUCTION: Foundling is the thrall of Thaxll’ssillvia, the Shadow Dragon found in the Temple Ruins. He is cold, calculating, and determined to be freed from his influence. He can never oppose his master on his own, but everything can change thanks to the influence of the Bhaalspawn. The quest starts with Read More

Yvette Romance

COLOURS OF INFINITY: YVETTE ROMANCE INTRODUCTION: Yvette Romance is a Colours of Infinity mod that allows male charname (if he matches the requirements) to join a brand new NPC and romance her. She will stay in the party as long as the romance continues. She will also talk to other BioWare NPCs and react to Read More

I Shall Never Forget

COLOURS OF INFINITY: I SHALL NEVER FORGET INTRODUCTION: ISNF is a quest mod from the Colours of Infinity mod series. This Baldur’s Gate 2 mod allows you to work with Orion – a mage who has lost the sense of his life. Either help him regain what he lost or let him die without the Read More

The White Queen

COLOURS OF INFINITY: THE WHITE QUEEN INTRODUCTION: The White Queen is a Colours of Infinity series mod, which allows player to visit brand new place – Silent Swamps – where something happened some time ago. Curious? Let yourself discover what lies under the layers of the mud, meet the White Queen and her servants. The Read More


COLOURS OF INFINITY: INNERSHADE INTRODUCTION: Follow a path between the trees to find a very new village to visit: the village of Innershade. It’s been having some problems lately: some people disappeared, and the attacker was never seen. You must stop the guilty party, if you can. Solving the problem may be not enough; getting Read More

Tales of the Deep Gardens

COLOURS OF INFINITY: TALES OF THE DEEP GARDENS INTRODUCTION: The last thing you remember is a mage on the streets of Athkatla, the building of the Council of Six, the trees and mansions of the Government District. Now you feel only humid air and cold ground… You try to open your eyes, but you are Read More

Ooze’s Lounge

ATHKATLAN GROUNDS: THE OOZE’S LOUNGE INTRODUCTION: The mod introduces a brand new part of Athkatlan sewers. You may now use the originally inactive grate in Slums to enter a locked part of the sewers and discover its dark corners. The mod offers three new areas as well as a couple of mini-quests, new items and Read More

Southern Edge

ATHKATLAN GROUNDS: SOUTHERN EDGE INTRODUCTION Southern Edge is a new district for our favorite BG2 city – Athkatla – available from the very start, once you talk to Gaelan and hear his offer. The mod is to make the first hours of the game more interesting, as some player might have got bored with doing Read More