In need of a unique necromancer from different times? Meet Hommet Shaw, one of the Sword Coast Legends. Let him join your group after he lands in Icewind Dale as a result of a bizarre magic surge that sent him back in time. He isn't new to the world of adventures and has already faced powerful enemies. In the future, the villains he fought will try to invade the Sword Coast and cause problems in Luskan and its surrounding areas.

Hommet is a deadly blazing necromancer of chaotic good alignment. While he used to be neutral, he became a hero and revealed that his heart isn't as cold as those of the undead he usually summons. He'll join the party only if you decide to return to the Vale of Shadows after your main character hits 540 000 experience points.

This mod was created in memory of another game: Sword Coast Legends, and mentions events from this game. So... you may still get some spoilers. Not many, as Hommet wouldn't want to cause any time paradox! Anyway, consider this mod more like a late goodbye to a title that died a few years ago.

Still, the mod does not offer a boring puppet. It comes with dialogues, items and even three new spells Hommet may use. So... if you like necromancers with a good sense of humor, get this guy and show him what you're capable of. Join forces and save Icewind Dale from evil.