The Infinity Engine games always needed more weasels, right? That's why I decided to create this mod. It introduces 5 weasel-themed items to BG:EE / BG2:EE / IWD:EE and also adds 6 new spells (1 arcane spell for mages / wizards / bards, 2 bard-exclusive spells, 1 spell shared by both arcane and divine casters, and 2 divine spells for druids / shamans / rangers) which are available through both character creation and scrolls you may find during your adventures (bard-exclusive spells, though, are available only through scrolls).

Warning: Those who dislike weasels should avoid this mod. Seriously, there are probably other interesting mods that will suit you far more, and won't make your games smell of musk.


The mod must be unzipped to your game directory, just as any other WeiDU mod. Run the Setup-Weasels!.exe program and simply follow the instructions thereafter.