FindIt - IWD


FindIt-IWD is an item pack for Icewind Dale EE. After playing IWD for yet another time, I realized I would like to see something new, some items perhaps. The mod was made for me, my friend and our multi-player run, but after a year I decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to publish the mod for those who would also like to give IWD EE another run, but are worried that they will end up with using exactly the same set of items. You'll find the items in many different places - carried by certain creatures, sold by merchants or left in specific containers. I never made a list of what may be found where and to be honest, after a year I myself forgot where they may be found. That may be even better. You'll need to look for those items, check places, talk to merchants.
Hope you'll enjoy them. Number of items: ~30


Just like any other WeiDU mod - unzip it to your main IWD EE directory and run Setup-FindIt-IWD.exe and then follow the instruction.