This mod adds a new companion to Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition - Dendjelion. He's a halfling blackguard from Westgate. A crude person and a follower of Bhaal, the infamous Lord of Murder. A man who believes death may bring a change. Strong and vengeful. He came to Kuldahar in search of Noon - a knight of Lliira that he blames for killing his brother.

Dendjelion introduces timered friendship talks, few situational talks and some new items. There is no true romance, but those who are not interested in deep feelings and are just looking for some one-on-one fun, may say that they're up for such deal. This option does not trigger a special new romance. Dendjelion is not into such things. This option is to help roleplay a character who isn't looking for a romance, but also does not want to live as a celibate. The option for the "deal" is totally optional and may only be triggered by PC with player-initiated dialogues.

You may join Dendjelion in Kuldahar, on the snow-covered rock to the east from Arundel's home. It is suggested to join him early in game if you want to enjoy all the talks.

Since 2.0, once you find Noon (in the late-game) and decide to side with the paladin, he may take Dendjelion's place so you were not left without a proper fighter. Noon comes with a couple of talks of his own.


As any other Infinity Engine mod - unpack the mod in game's main directory and run WeiDU installer (Setup-Dendjelion.exe). Then, follow the instruction(s) that will be displayed in the WeiDU window. To enjoy the mod even more, remember to install IWD Crossmod Pack.