WARNING! You are now browsing old, outdated mods that should be avoided. Some of them were released ~years ago and never got updated. Some of them may once be updated, while others will be hold in eternal slumber. Please, do not wake the dead.

Outdated / Inactive


LavaIt! 640.43 KB 26098 downloads

ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: This is my small crap mod I wrote in 2008. It adds 8 new items...

Tsuki BG2 13.19 MB 21 downloads

ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: Tsuki is crafty. Tsuki shouldn't be trusted. He's like a weasel...

Swylif Thicc 7.55 MB 41375 downloads

ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: Swylif Thicc is a svirfneblin sorcerer, who resides in Saradush....

Aeon 11.04 MB 504 downloads

ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: Meet Aeon - an impulsive and young abjurer/thief - and along...