This mod adds some new kits for your characters to pick. They may seem a bit more unusual than the vanilla options; however, they were created for my future runs. I am unsure if these will be used in a different way, such as part of an NPC mod, but I've decided to release them separately for now.

The current version of the mod includes 12 kits:

  • Arcane Trickster - a thief with a selection of arcane tricks, mostly from illusion spell school;
  • Divine Trickster - a thief with a selection of divine tricks, quite effective in fights against undead creatures;
  • Wilderness' Trickster - a thief with a druidic twist, as he may gain trickery allowing to cast a limited selection of druidic spells;
  • Arcane Chef - a bard that won't let your team starve, and instead shall provide magically created meals;
  • Fleshshaper - a bard that specializes in the evil art of shaping the flesh of both living and the dead;
  • Magivore-Infected - a sorcerer that gained special abilities as they were infected by mysterious magivore spores;
  • Honey-Sipper - a lightly-armored paladin that specializes in commanding bees, which may also produce honey when summoned;
  • Hallowed Reconnoitrer - a paladin that may wear up to medium armors, specialized in the art of reconnaissance and gathering information;
  • Rose Blade Monk - a monk that specializes in fighting katanas and scimitars and is attuned to nature;
  • Night Challenger - a ranger focused on roaming the roads during the night and throwing challenges at other adventurers;
  • Lucky Tusks - a thief of half-orcish blood, that trifle with luck and is quite good at direct combat;
  • 3-Foot-Tall Fury - a fighter of the halfling heritage, stronger than most of their kin, ready for all sorts of battles.

To see the kit descriptions, see the "kits' descriptions" file in the mod folder.


Install like any other WeiDU mod, by unzipping the mod in your BGEE / BG2EE / IWDEE game directory and running Setup-ModName.exe on Windows or equivalent on other platforms.

The mod should be compatible with any other WeiDU mod. Some themes may overlap, like the Arcane Trickster, which was also released for example by The Artisan. Are you interested in another version of that kit? Check his work and see which one you'd like to try out. You may also install both of them, remember though, this will cause Arcane Trickster to show as both thief (my version) and as a mage/thief multiclass kit (The Artisan's version).


As I am unsure if I want to create more kits or if I want to change anything with these, the mod is not traified and is not ready for the translation. Please, do not attempt to traify and/or translate the mod at this time. Time will show what should happen next with this mod, but when I feel the mod or its components are ready, I will then traify the content of this mod.