Athkatlan Grounds is a mod series that has one main aim: to open new corners of the City of Coins to Bhaalspawn and all those that decided to follow this mostly unique adventurer. With this mods installed, brand new areas become available to visit – locations both reachable by the world map and hiden between well-known walls and streets.

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Athkatlan Grounds


Tangled Oak Isle 53.28 MB 2269 downloads

Once an independent village located on an Isle, the Tangled Oak Isle became the part...

Ooze's Lounge 13.96 MB 7429 downloads

The mod introduces a brand new part of Athkatlan sewers - The Ooze's Lounge. You...

Southern Edge 37.77 MB 15005 downloads

Southern Edge is a new district for our favorite BG2 city - Athkatla - available...