ARCHIVED / OUTDATED: This is my small crap mod I wrote in 2008. It adds 8 new items to BG2. Gods, first Lollorian found out about it, then Jarl... stop translating it, please. Let it die. Those are just 8 stupid items, really. However, I appreciate those 2 guys decided to translate it, thanks, but I'm really ashamed of the mod. People, it's CRAP. Eh, but Lol and Jarl did some work so I feel I should make it available. (Lollorian is really strange, you know? He translated Polish mod into English without knowing Polish... Lol, that's sick 😛 ) ...but enough babbling 😛 If you're really desperate, download it. Don't tell I warned you. I'm not even going to mention it in my signature!